Lackey Construction is a small, yet versatile company located in Portland, Oregon that specializes in both residential and light commercial construction projects.

We have been in business since 2004 and in this time we have been able to refine our scope of work to accommodate projects that can vary in size from small scale finish work to a new home from the ground up.

In addition to providing cost specific quotes tailored to each individual project, our knowledge of and commitment to green building gives our clients the opportunity to integrate the latest in sustainable building products and methods into the construction process.

Owners Brad and Jocelyn Lackey are at the core of our small team. Brad has been in the building trades for over 20 years and has both a broad knowledge and unique perspective on construction methods. He has worked in places as varied as Chicago, Florida, North Carolina, Atlanta, Phoenix, the San Francisco Bay area and most recently Portland, Oregon.

Jocelyn is from Berkeley, California and manages the daily behind-the-scene coordination, while also spending time working in the field as a carpenter's apprentice.